More than 15 years ago, I discovered my passion and dedication to the creative process when I closed a successful business and returned to school.

Through my studies, I have discovered my love for relating to others through dialogue, monologue, poetry, song, and other forms of personal expression. When I began this work, I was terrified to speak in front of others and frightened to speak to others when vulnerable. This manifested itself in me as a very disconnected voice. I had a severe inability to express myself while sharing my humanity. In fact, I would do anything to avoid it!

Now, through the benefit of many amazing learning and teaching opportunities, I love it! I can still be nervous – remembering anxiousness is excitement without breath – but I use my experiences and the tools that I’ve developed and I’m able to do it! I thoroughly enjoy personal and artistic expression in various forms.

Whether teaching or performing, all of my work begins with the use of relaxation through breath and bodywork to become fully present and aware with the self, others, and the environment. This is followed by rejuvenation through grounded play for expression using such things as bodywork, imagery, sense memory, and text.

Whether I am teaching or coaching privately or in a group, I believe in creating a safe space for you to have fun in while exploring vocally and creatively. Hands-down, in my experience this provides the most effective foundation for personal transformation.

I hope to hear from you about any curiosity you may have about my work! Blessings to you. May your breath be free to move and your voice be open and supported to express your hopes and dreams…

  • Traci is an exceptional teacher. She creates a space in which one feels so secure and safe that any and all territory may be chartered.
  • Workshop participant
  • Working with Traci Foster has been an incredible experience for me as an actor but more importantly it has opened my eyes to how to live more fully and how to appreciate all the amazing nuances that are alive in every human being.
  • Trenna Keating
    Actor / Playwright
    Toronto, Ontario

Imagination is the voice of daring. If there is anything Godlike about God it is that. He dared to imagine everything.

Henry Miller