Benefits of Voice Work include:

  • identify and change physical habits
  • tap into the power of breathing
  • release tension - physically, emotionally, mentally
  • increase confidence
  • align physical body with emotional being

For Actors...

  • learn to relax your body and rejuvenate your energy to express
  • increase your ability to express freely and clearly
  • expand your physical awareness and emotional connection
  • develop and nurture your imagination
  • explore the ability to be at ease and energized when auditioning – anxiety, after all, is nothing more than excitement without breath
  • create a personal vocal warm-up that is healthy and reliable

For Singers...

  • learn to relax your body to minimize physical and vocal tension
  • increase your ability to sing with ease and joy
  • expand your vocal range and resonance
  • develop your ability to emotionally connect to your repertoire
  • explore ways to connect more fully with audience and accompanists
  • create a personal warm-up that prepares you to sing and that heightens your desire to sing

For Therapists...

  • experientially learn about the connection between relaxation and personal expression
  • increase your ability to communicate empathetically – with clarity and with ease
  • expand your understanding of awareness and presence
  • explore the body mind connection through imagination and creative vocal work
  • create ways of helping clients relax and express when their voice is blocked

For Self-Development...

  • learn to relax in order to express with ease and communicate more clearly
  • increase your ability to relate to others
  • expand physical awareness to free your voice
  • develop the ability to rejuvenate your self - your voice - through breath and body work
  • explore and unleash your creative potential
  • create a routine to increase confidence when speaking with others or in public
  • Traci’s professionalism, humor and vast repertoire of breath/voice-work techniques provide a stimulating, yet safe, environment to explore self-expression on any level. I truly feel that I have ‘found my voice’. As an educator and artist I know that for anyone, this is no small thing!
  • Sharon Pulvermacher
    Visual Artist / Educator

There Is A Voice Inside Of You That Whispers All Day Long, "I Feel That This Is Right For Me, I Know That This Is Wrong." No Teacher, Preacher, Parent, Friend Or Wise Man Can Decide What's Right For You- Just Listen To The Voice That Speaks Inside.

Shel Silverstein