Traci intuitively combines the many different techniques that she has studied; creating a work that is unique. She combines physical release, imagery and various exercises to facilitate a state of openness. It is in this place that we find the wellspring of creativity that fuels our projects, gives us an intimate awareness of our emotional state, and it is from this place that we work.

Traci is an instinctual, compassionate, and encouraging facilitator he is keenly aware of everyone in the room and can tune into each participant. There have been times when Traci has noticed an emotional state in me before I have had time to process it myself, and she acts accordingly, providing support and structure appropriate for that particular moment. She creates an extremely safe environment in which we can explore our own possibilities. Traci sees the potential of each of us and helps up to rise to that potential - I have rarely worked with someone who allows me to recognize so clearly my capabilities.

I began the work with Traci out of pure curiosity and immediately experienced its value. At the time, I was interested in my own acting capabilities, but was also experiencing "performance anxiety" when giving lectures at the University. I learned working with Traci that t endeavors belong to the same continuum, and everything I learned in her class applied equally to my lecturing. Over the years, my exploration in the work has become more focused on performance (acting/dancing/singing), but I realize that everything I take from this class applies directly to the rest of my life. I am indeed richer for the experience. If you are the least bit curious about what lies beneath your skin, then you will find this work enriching. I have discovered a great deal about myself through this work. From a health perspective, this type of release work is invaluable. A particularly stressful time in my life coincided with on of Traci's class - several times during the semester I would feel a cold/flu coming on, but after her class the symptoms had vanished. I realize that the release that I found during class alleviated my stress just enough to allow my immune system to kick in and ward off the illness.
On a lighter note, the simplest reason to pursue this work: It is fun!!!

To me, the work has been about "finding my voice", which has meant a great deal. This can be as simple as expressing an opinion during conversation or singing in a performance. Each requires an underlying confidence of how we live within our body and in the world. Vocal expression is one of the major modes that we use to express ourselves to others. When delivered with assurance, vocal expression delivers person power and satisfaction.

Dr. Tanya Dahms
Associate Professor of Biochemistry, University of Regina, Dance Teacher and Contact Improvisation Facilitator
Regina, Canada

Traci Foster's voice work has been extremely beneficial to me in both my personal and professional development. Being that I don't come from an "arts" background, I was somewhat skeptical about the work. I wasn't sure how it would benefit me professionally. What I found was that through her voice work, which for me included a great deal of breath work, I was able to overcome my inhibitions with respect to public speaking and have since been able to use this learning to present clear, controlled, engaging presentations and workshops. As a human resources professional, I have had many opportunities to speak at conferences where I'm addressing up to 500 people and I've also facilitated numerous workshops where my groups are anywhere from 10-20 people. In both instances, I have taken Traci's teachings and been able to incorporate them in order to deliver effectively to my audience/classroom.

The three main take always for me are as follows: controlling my breath and understanding how my breath impacts my audience.  This has been the number one learning for me. The second is how I project my voice depending on the size of group and the third has been understanding how to be genuine and open when speaking. I find these have truly advanced me in the area of public speaking.  

From a personal perspective, her teachings have opened my eyes and my mind to another world and other methods of adult teaching that are not traditional. I always thought I was so open minded however, as I indicated above, I was extremely skeptical and in fact after the first class decided that this work was definitely not for me and was too far "out there". I commend Traci for her persistence and guidance because if it weren’t for her, I would not have gone back to the second class. It opened a whole new world of learning to me and reminded me that there is more to the professional learning than just what we see in the traditional corporate teachings. I have since been exposed to more of this type of work where the arts are incorporated in order to expand thinking and limitations for those in the corporate world. Having had the privilege of attending three weeks of Leadership learning at the Banff Professional Center has again opened my eyes and my mind to the wonderful learning opportunities out there.

Traci is a phenomenal teacher. Her patience and authenticity truly help to put her students at ease. She has a knack for understanding what each student is going through and seems to tailor her teachings in order to enable the student to glean the learning. As I indicated above, if it hadn't been for her persistence and guidance I would have quit and not gone back. Instead, when I receive great feedback about a presentation I've delivered or session I've facilitated because I seem like such a "natural" and I seem so relaxed, I give Traci the kudos. I promote her work whenever I can and I look forward to incorporating more of this type of adult learning into future training opportunities.

Maria Pettit
Senior Business Partner
Human Resources
Farm Credit Canada    

Traci's work goes beyond the concept of voice and reminds the creative artist that the voice, mind and body are interconnected. Her work strengthens all artists in working in any mediums. Through voice work with Traci I have found that the body, mind and spirit open to the creative flow of energy within. Her approach is respectful, curious and necessary as she is always guiding and changing as the artist is. Voice work is passionate and beautiful (even though it may not always appear so while in the midst of it. It can be down right ugly and hard!) and therefore Traci is always creating a safe place for the artist to come into awareness of need and inspiration. I have found this work gives voice to our true creative selves and why I believe it is called "voice work". It goes beyond the vocalizing and brings the voice, breath, soul and mind a chance to find a center. And this 'center' gives voice to the creative self within.

Sheri Sawatzky
Performing Artist

Working with Traci Foster has been an incredible experience for me as an actor but more importantly it has opened my eyes to how to live more fully and how to appreciate all the amazing nuances that are alive in every human being. Her work focuses on opening up our voice; our day-to-day speaking voice, our singing voice, our job interview voice, our stage voice. She teaches a series of bodywork and breath work that releases and frees tension that we hold in our body and voice. Her work is beneficial to everyone and simple enough that everyone can be taught. Traci offers a safe and welcoming environment for people to explore in. She is a joy to learn from and her positive and encouraging attitude ALWAYS draws out wonderful results from her students.

Traci's work is much more than just "voice" work. It deepens your understanding of who you are and I have found it to be incredibly valuable to my work and my life.

Trenna Keating
Toronto, Ontario

Exploring Fitzmaurice Voice Work and Extended Vocal Technique with Traci Foster

Is far more than voice work for the singer or actor. It is a combination of vocal release, vocal technique and body work that allows the participant to connect more fully, completely and quite literally to their ‘breath’ and therefore to their 'voice.' This allows for an expansion of range, vocal resonance, quality, technique and body connection, as well as for a soulful and honest connection not only to the song or monologue being performed, but also to oneself. The work comes from the gut and extends outward, exploring primitive, animal sounds and haunting, dark, breaths to soft whispers and high, mischievous squeaks. It allows for broken and ugly sounds with no mistakes. When expressing the voice, all sounds are accepted and encouraged. Even no-sound is allowed to foster and grow and thus, subconsciously, an expansion of range and expression occurs through the imagination of sound.

Exploration of Fitzmaurice Voice Work and Extended Vocal Technique also allows patterns within the voice, body and soul to be acknowledged, expressed and released both on a conscious and sub-conscious level. Playful and imaginative, it connects the participant through breath as source, to their inner being, utilizing the imagination and opening realms of possibility. Empowering, used for both performance and self-development, it opens and connects a person to a source deep within. The voice, our most utilized form of communication, when deeply connected to breath expands our world, empowers, creates honesty in intention of sound and trust of our own voice to speak, both in life and in performance.

Traci Foster as a facilitator of this work creates an environment of trust and support where permission is given to explore sound to its fullest most beautiful potential, as well as its darkest and ugliest with no thoughts of mistakes. Intuitive, thoughtful, compassionate, imaginative and insightful, working with Traci allows for tears to flow and screams to be heard. For songs to be sung from the heart and monologues spoken from the gut, in the moment, both with soul and intention from your own being and perspective. An empowering exploration of voice and sound Traci guides and encourages you to find own your voice, your imagination and, to express it.

Jodi Sadowsky
Performing Artist / Administrator / Producer / Drama Teacher
Regina, SK, Canada

I am a visual artist interested in the concept of breath. When I heard about Traci’s course on voice and breath work, I was intrigued by how I could incorporate her techniques into my creative process. Traci was extremely supportive of my drawing explorations during the classes. She provided me with an environment that stretched my understanding of how we carry breath and emotion in our bodies.

More importantly, she gave me specific tools to unlock the breath. As well, she has helped me understanding myself from a totally different perspective. This unlocking has allowed me to better express myself, not only visually through my artwork, but also vocally. I truly feel that I have ‘found my voice’. As an educator and artist I know that for anyone, this is no small thing!

Traci’s professionalism, humor and vast repertoire of breath work techniques provide a stimulating, yet safe, environment to explore self-expression on any level. I highly recommend Traci’s courses for anyone open to creatively exploring inter- and intrapersonal communication.

Sharon Pulvermacher
Visual Artist and Educator

Traci’s work helps to enhance a person’s range of inner movement, which culminates into the outer environment.  It is through her work that one can find their own voice and how it can manifest into performance, if you will. But, it is more than just voice work, it is the voice itself that helps to find the character that is needed in regards to the character that one is looking for, for that “role” etc. Or it can also help you to sing better, breathe more openly, find that character, it helps to keep you in the moment. I found that I was more centered, grounded and ready to take in the spirit of the character that I needed after having completed one of Traci’s workshops. I would definitely take another course from her. She is open, honest and caring and willing to be there for you. I did this work to have a voice that I can use on stage to keep the audience engaged. This work has also helped me to pronounce better and to be heard from people. I’m a teacher and there is something called a Teacher’s voice which emits a sense of confidence and commands respect the same goes for Traci Foster’s work –

Simon Moccasin
Actor / Playwright / Educator

Working with Traci is an incredible experience. She brings forward the creative in ways that go beyond one's expectations. Her work provides an opportunity to become more centered in one‚s life force and one's creativity.

Traci achieves an amazing balance as a teacher. She is one of the most hard assed people I know. Alternatively, she delivers her teaching with an abundance of kindness and genuine concern. Stated another way, Traci is as demanding as she is loving. This balance challenges one to move forward. The student thinks - "I have to do this and 'I want to do this' I am afraid to face Traci's wrath and I am loved. I must move forward as an expression of my worthiness!

I do the work to go beyond my own repressive tendencies to open to the world and to the life force that moves me through the world.

Traci's work provides opportunities for vocal expression with the aim of facilitating vocal well being. Expression is a fundamental aspect of what it is to be human. Many of us experience blocks around making sound some are silenced by shyness, self judgment around the sounds we make or from past experiences that lead to vocal blocks. Traci's work helps with obtaining freedom on expressing vocally in one's own way.

Josephine Savarese

Traci is an exceptional teacher. She creates a space in which one feels so secure and safe so that any and all territory may be chartered. With her nurturing way she gives support and encouragement, making the work exciting and yet soothing.  I value all the work that I have done with her and look forward to all the work we will do in the future together.

Workshop participant

There is a magical teacher in our midst - Traci Foster ...

If you have not done a workshop with Traci, well now would be the time.

I can't even begin to describe the value I have derived from Traci's various classes, but I will try ...Traci helped me find "my clown" and return to "play", which has impacted my performance in both the lecture hall and performance theatre. I have learned to release, which has dramatically extended my vocal range and allows me to be present in my emotions when performing. Release and CLOWN have helped me explore my physical body and spirit, which helps me maintain a state of well-being and health.

As a coach, Traci is extremely supportive, and so I have gained a massive amount of confidence during performance. Whatever your interest, you will likely find it in Traci's classes ...CLOWN was one of Traci's first loves, and she teaches the form with passion.

Her workshops are worth every penny. Since Traci tends to flit around between LA, Regina, Toronto and other places, catch her while you can!

Dr. Tanya Dahms
Associate Professor of Biochemistry, University of Regina, Dance Teacher and Contact Improvisation Facilitator
Regina, Canada

Everything you can imagine is real.

Pablo Picasso